Opuntia violacea ssp. Santa Rita X Opuntia basilaris Hybrid


The genus Opuntia is one of the most widespread and successful groups in the Cactaceae.  The plants consist of a series of succulent “pads” which are joined at the edges.  In many South American species the pads are globose.  Pads and spines exhibit impressive variability in shape, size and color.  Many shades of yellow, orange and red are represented in the typically large flowers.  Opuntias are renowned for their ability to survive the harshest environments.

We offer several species of unusual Opuntias.  We ship unrooted, freshly cut pads which have been dipped in rooting hormone.  They root easily and quickly grow into multiple padded plants.

Opuntia violacea ssp. Santa Rita  X  Opuntia basilaris Hybrid

  • Pads are $5.00 each.
  • Very attractive hybrid with 3” wide by 4” long blue-green pads with purple at the pad edge and around the aereoles.
  • Three inch diameter flowers are bright pinkish-lavender and appear in the spring.
  • Species has glochids only.
  • Hardy to at least the low teens in Tucson.



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